Version 2.56
o Fixed bug (Fixed issue on crashing when Google Chrome is running in background)
o Fixed bug (Decrypt method stabilization)
o Fixed bug  (Generates wrong reference to the URL
o Fixed bug (Memory clean up upon exit)
o Fixed bug (Issue with cookies)
o Fixed bug (Drops connection while receiving data on slow internet speed)
o Minor bug fixes 

Version 2.18
Released: 13-February-2013
o Fixed bug (Tunneling proxy)
o Fixed bug (Cache improvisation)
o User interface enhanced

Version 1.30
Released: 8-January-2013

o Fixed bug (Memory leaks)
o Fixed bug (Invalid e-mail address causes crash)
o Fixed bug  (Error logs not saved)
o Export to .txt removed
o Minor bug fixes

Version 0.86 Beta
Released: 25-November-2012

o Initial release