Facebook Hack Attack License Agreement

This License Agreement is between you and Facebook Hack Attack (software). Please read them carefully and completely as they apply to the software and all related services. You must enter into this Agreement by checking the box next to "Accept Terms of Use" and then clicking on the DOWNLOAD button in order to be able to install and use the Software.

This agreement and terms of use also apply to any Facebook Hack Attack updates, upgrades, patches, bug fixes, releases or services related to this Software. BY INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE, YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS OBLIGATIONS. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS, DO NOT INSTALL THE SOFTWARE AND/OR DELETE ALL COPIES FROM YOUR COMPUTER AND CEASE ITS USE.

1. Upon complete download and installation of the software, it becomes your property, including any and all intellectual property rights related thereto. You may freely distribute it at no cost at all, provided the contents remain intact and with no modifications.

2. You acknowledge that the use of this software in your country is legal.

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